Retro Styling

So the first thing I am asked is how do I dress Retro. Basically my rule of thumb is your individuality. What you take out of Alternative Fashion is what you want to put into it. Yes the styling is based on the 1950’s - But it is all about what you want to bring into “the look”. 

I love the feminity of the dresses with petticoats, the high waist cut and also the different style of necklines from the sweetheart,  to the boat neck which isn’t as revealing. Also with Retro/Pinup/Rockabilly you have so many choices from pants, crop tops, capris, skirts, cardigans and dresses. Adding wide belts features the high waistline. Headbands, hats or turbans on your head. Flower clips for hair or clothing. Brooches (vintage or retro) and gloves also add to the style. Match your outfit with some gorgeous handbags and stylish heels or flats and your set.

You can also take on the darker side of your personality and bring out the skull and roses, tattoo prints which can also be accessorised easily with brooches, pins, shoes and bags.

Hairstyles are what works for you. Having strong colours put through make your outfits pop, especially blues or pink variations. My hair being finer is a lot harder to get decent Victory Rolls so I do one as fringe and hairband or turban. Bangs are fun and work with short or long hair. Pincurls left in or styled overnight is another option. Then set in waves or used to add volume to rolls. There is just so many options to suit whatever you want.

With makeup I like to use the basics with foundation, focus on eyes with mascara and eyeliner with cats eye, eyebrow shaping and shading. I also love lipstick mostly pink, but red depending on outfit of the day. Glam up with nail polish and sometimes false eyelashes. Again it’s a individual thing whatever works for you. I use all cruelty free makeup even down to magnetic false eyelashes as there is no glue.

It is so much fun to be in clothing that helps to express yourself, to be a individual. Once you get going with a collection it does take over your wardrobe as it is a confidence boost and good for your self esteem. The priority is making you feel good about your body, the cuts of the dresses accentuate your curves, show off being a women, and stand out from the crowd. Why be like everyone else when you can be yourself and love yourself for who you are.

What I have taken from this journey is to follow a dream and actually run my own store. It has given me a passion to be a better person but also to believe in myself. If you have one thing that you take from this it should be to believe in yourself and follow that believe into what you want to look like and feel like. Be gorgeous be loved be you 💖

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