Knickers and Bras

This one is another topic which I think may help you to boost body confidence and help you accept your body shaping if you haven’t already. Your own body is your story of your life whether you have had children, your age, maybe how you are coping with health issues. Worship your own story that is in your body. Accept your (what you may see as flaws) as what basically is you. Look through that image of criticism because it all starts with your mind set on how you see yourself. Start to luv that gal in the mirror, worship her and you will start to see that little difference each day of how others actually respond to you. Positivity responds with more positive feel good vibes.

So back to knickers and bras. Sure we all have that stash of bland, washed out undies. What about Lingerie. Start by changing the word “underwear” to Lingerie. How does that sound to the ear. This is the base item of your outfits. Put as much thought and passion into these items as you do to the rest of your outfit.

Obviously economically the 5pack of knickers at big chain stores are the go too but do they do anything for you. Are they just put on quickly and covered up straight away. Do you go to a restaurant and rush down the Entree to get to the Main. Putting on lingerie makes you want to look at yourself and admire, it’s not vain, it’s part of becoming that body confident person you deserve to be.

Start your Lingerie Collection slowly if you have to and have those special garments that make you feel sexy, that feel part of the whole outfit. Remember they are the base and you are working from them upwards.

There are so many control panties that are lacy, silky, and the right colour to match with bras, camisoles that you are spoiled for choice. Even try French knickers or silky bloomers. These will have no vpl and your dresses or skirts will just flow over the material. Even try bullet or cone bras, they give the vintage look to sweaters and tops. Sizing with these can be helped with filling out with pads available.

What about Corsets? Make sure you don’t have any health issues that will be made worse before you start wearing them. If you are unsure talk to your doctor. There are many different types and levels of corsets from waist training corsets to waist cinchers. It is always best to be professionally fitted for corsets. They shouldn’t make you feel uncomfortable or restricted. They can improve posture and actually can make you think more towards improved body health. There are two types of boning, plastic or steel. Before wearing waist training corsets make sure you find out how to do it properly or you can damage the corset or worst do damage to your body. There are many blogs on this but also most reputable sites that sell corsets have YouTube tutorials.

To finish off your lingerie collection, weather permitting go for stockings. The retro style includes seamed coloured stockings and fishnet. Again these are complimenting your outfit and are helping to make your legs have a smooth silky look. Lingerie is eye candy for yourself firstly. That is the most important person you should be pleasing. If it has a flow on affect and you are grabbing attention it’s doing what you already are aware of, that you are gorgeous, you are proud of your bod and you should be treated like the princess or queen you are. 

Love your Style, Adore Yourself and others will too xx 😘 Deb

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