Cruelty Free and Earthed

To stay Earthed and feel a connection to our wonderful Planet I choose to source my personal beauty routine and household products in the priority of 

1 Cruelty Free - I look for products that are not tested on animals. The Big Company’s that cannot state on their products that they don’t use animals in any product testing do not deserve my hard earn dollars. There are certainly a lot of smaller company’s that are making the effort to move in this direction and need our support to keep on track. This day and age there are lots of other ways to test ingredients. Our governments of the day do not hold this in high regard so by simply supported the companies that do I am supporting the cause to not distress, deform, pain or cause any form of suffering to life forms.

2 Vegan - This goes along the line of cruelty free but also has the added bonus of knowing that all ingredients are plant based so no nasty chemicals or preservatives added.

3 Australian Owned - By supporting Australian businesses we are supporting our own country that we choose to live in, why wouldn’t you keep as much of the shop local ideal. Our smaller shops locally will have products that they have sourced from local companies and it just keeps the wheels turning on communities to support other communities rather then the big companies who are driven by money not love.

4 Recyclable packaging - The less we put into landfill the better for the environment.

By doing these things personally I am not going to change the world but I am supporting the businesses with the ethics that I follow. One step at a time. It not only makes me feel better inside I am sure my body, skin and soul are nourished as much. 

Some of the products that I use are mostly Inika Organics for my makeup routine. I love the primer especially and combine 2 foundation colours. This I can buy locally at Bliss and Beauty Wellness Geraldton. I also use Natio (cruelty free some vegan products) and Innoxa (cruelty free) as well but the majority is Inika.

Cleansing skin and hair I am currently using and (cruelty and vegan) available locally at Cavania in Geraldton. The range has different ingredients but I love the smell of the face mask Acai Berry and I am using the Coconut Strengthening conditioner for hair. I use also deLorenzo hair products (cruelty free, plant based ingredients)

Most household products I use Earth Choice from Natures Organics. These are available in most grocery stores.

As backup I use a online site Flora and Fauna Australia which I use to stock razors made from recycled plastics and bamboo toothbrushes when I can’t find supplies in town.

So with a little effort to source these products I am helping myself to build my temple and worship my body and soul from the inside to my little environment. Does it make me a better person? It is what you get out of it 😊


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